The Advisory Group leverages broad human capital expertise across geography, industry, and culture to expand our firm’s access to diverse executive talent. They assist in knowing where to look and advise on how best to approach elusive qualified candidates.

maureen metcalf
advisory group

Maureen has set strategic direction and then transformed client organizations to deliver significant results such as increased profitability, cycle time reduction, and increased employee effectiveness. Areas of transformational expertise include: implementing change in strategic direction,merger/acquisition/spin-off/divestment, large scale system installation, business re-engineering, governance, and succession planning.

Her client industry mainstays include: technology, engineering, manufacturing, financial, and medical services. Companies range from local Ohio small businesses to Fortune 15 organizations to the US Armed Forces. Maureen has an international presence having been on-the-ground helping companies in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Maureen has captured her thirty years of experience in an award-winning series of books which are used by public, private and academic organizations to align company-wide strategy, systems and culture with innovative leadership techniques. For years, she has been willing to share her hard-won insights - through conference speaking opportunities, industry publications, radio talk-shows, and video presentations. Maureen is a regular contributor to among a long list of other outlets.